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This is about the Winnebago LeSharo Motor Caravan.

It's here as a place to keep photos, information and links to relevant sites for myself and other LeSharo owners.

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The material on this site has been gathered from many sources, including the manufacturer's publications, after-market manuals, newsgroup articles and messages, and other sources. If any of the material on this website contravenes copyright or other laws, please let me know.


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(Local Files;)

Folders of various photographs of LeSharos and modified vehicles compiled from newsgroups and other sources;

(If you are the owner of one of these vehicles and would like to add more photos, information or a link, please contact me.)

Mikes 1984 TD

Andy's rebuild (in process)

1985 Lesharo

Converted 1985 Lesharo (lots of pictures)

1984 Centauri

1985 lesharo td

Martz 85 LeSharo

1986 Lesharo

1986 Californian 2.2 Auto permanent bed

1987 Lesharo

Leon's 97 3.3 conversion

1988 LeSharo (ebay)

Chucks LeSharo Bluebird

1984 Lesharo

Jean-Pierre and Tanias 2.2L LPG injection Automatic

Werners 1990 2.2i LPG

1986 RENAULT Trafic Winnebago 2.1 T/Diesel

permanent bed

Glens Table mod

Interior Modifications ([email protected])

Various Lesharo Pics

Gutted 1989 interior

1985 Lesharo (ebay)

1986 Gas Auto

1984 Lesharo (ebay)

Interior modifications

Toms Extra Headroom

Dave Maddisons 85TD

Oregon 1987

1986 Phasar

1988 LeSharo Brochure

Tom's 87 Phasar-99Pontiac

1989 Winnebago LeSharo (ebay)

1986 Le sharo (ebay)

Tom's Trailer Hitch

Matthias' Icelandic LeSharo


Other Files - diagrams, photos and information.

This directory is sub-divided and contains files and photos in various formats (mostly, .html, .txt or .pdf)

Buyers guides (Thanks to Larry Schoppe for writing these and making them public)
Checklist for Evaluation Converted H-body Aug 2010
A Brief History of the LeSharo by Larry S
Decoding a LeSharo VIN

1983 LeSharo Brochure
1984 LeSharo Brochure
1985 LeSharo Brochure
1986 LeSharo Brochure
1987 LeSharo Brochure
1988 LeSharo Brochure
1988 Itasca/Phasar Brochure
1989 LeSharo Brochure
1990 LeSharo Brochure
1992 LeSharo Brochure

TRW Parts reference
Timing belt part numbers cross-reference

Service Manuals etc
Service Manual 1983-86 Diesel & Gas pdf
Winnebago Service Manual 1987-89 Gas pdf (Bosch)
1984 Winnebago & Itasca Operators Manual
1988 Itasca, LeSharo, Phasar Operators Manual.pdf
Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Injection system .pdf
Bendix fuel injection 1989 - 1990 .pdf
Kohler Generator pdf
Wallas Heater Service pdf
2400 Heater parts pdf
Wallas Heater installation pdf (leadthroughs)

Transmission info
Renault Workshop Repair Manual (Auto transmission)
Installing manual 4/5 speed transmission to a 2.2 gas engine.
change of gear box from 4 to 5 speed manual
CV Boot replacement

AIR CON and associated WIRING
Gil's aircon explanation (start here if you dont know how it works)
1987 Le Sharo wiring diags/ (directory)
Air Con Diagram (.tif)
Air Con Electric (.txt)
air con info (1)
more air con info (2)
yet more air con info (3)
yet more air con info (4)
Tracing the aircon clutch wiring

Battery Basics - FAQ
Wiring diagram 1983-1986 Chassis
Wiring diagram 1983-1986 Diesel
winney wiring
Tail Light Corrosion by Larry Schoppe
Troubleshooting Rear Lighting Circuits by Larry Schoppe
1986 wiring harness scans
Alternator Troubleshooting
Links to external information;
Wiring Diagrams for sale
Information on Delco-Remy Alternators
(local cache)

LeSharo Maintenance. (.doc)
Fuel Tank Access
Heater Bleeding.txt
Fuel Pump info
Bosch L-Jetronic Fuel Injection
2.2 Gas (Petrol) Starter removal
2Install a starter Relay to cure the Le Sharo’s non starting condition
Radiator removal
Fuel Diagram (Auto/Gas - year unknown)
Alternator and Wheel bearing tips
Kenlowe (engine) fans - specifications
New Kenlowe fans fitted 1
New Kenlowe fans fitted 2
Exhaust systems layout (After-market system covering '84 Diesel Trafic)
larger version of above
Timing belt part numbers cross-reference
LeSharo CV Boots replacement.pdf
LeSharo coolant circuit description

Links to external information;
Wikipedia information on Renault engine nomenclature.
Wikipedia information on J8S ("Douvrin") engine.

Rear Suspension assistance
scans of an actual weight data tag;1
scans of an actual weight data tag;2
scan of a weight certificate;
Scan of the LeSharo manualrelating to weights
General info on RV weight
Odd snippets of info about tyres (updated)
TyreSafe leaflet - (how to work out your tyre pressures etc)
Front Axle Replacement
Fuel Tank Removal
Drive Axle Boot Changing
Tom's Trailer Hitch

Restoration Coach.html
Restoration Coach.pdf
Restoration (.doc)
Toilet Repair.txt
Handicap Toilet?
New ceiling and A/C (.txt)
Ceiling Repair
Furnace Manuals
Diagnosing and repairing bottom rear rust

Generator Maintenance.txt
Pictures of parts from a "broken" Le Sharo
Renault Tech Note - Servicing
An amusing (but not unusual) story..

Links to external information;
Renault Trafic Motorhome Register
Renault Trafic History (from above)

LeSharo Newsgroups; (access to Yahoo newsgroups is free, but you may be required to register your details before accessing them)


Index file of articles on above group (Local copy of file from Group)
Includes part number cross-references and numbers of informational postings to the group.
latest version of this info file should be in the group file area)

Many files and much info from the 1winne_h-bodys group.

For Owners of Winnebago LeSharo-Phasar-Centauri-Utility Van vehicles. Topics will cover owners' travels, mechanical issues, restoration techniques, drivetrain upgrades, and any items of interest to RVers in general. The sharing of information and the making of internet friends shall be the primary objectives of the list. (Mainly USA)


This is a discussion group for owners of the Winnebago Le Sharo and derivatives. A forum for owners to post items of general interest and specifics on maintenance, convertions, problems etc. (Mainly UK)


This friendly moderated group is for motorhomers, caravanners and campers throughout the whole of Europe. We have a large UK motorhome membership and members in Spain, Portugal, France Austria and elsewhere in Europe, and our group is growing all the time Europe-wide. The list-owner has affiliations with France and UK. Families, pet owners, singles, everyone is welcome here. Exchange information here about those motorhome or caravan or camping topics and about all issues connected to being mobile in Europe, whether as a hobby or full-timing. Come here to enjoy! :-) No spam, off-topic, or offensive postings on this moderated group, (if you do you'll be banned!) but LOTS of friendly support and information available! :-) Welcome!


This is a group for owners of Winnebago Industries motorhomes. It's a place to discuss your motorhome, your likes, dislikes, problems and experiences. This group is open to all owners of Winnebago products, such as Winnebago, Itasca, Vectra, Luxor, Ultimate and Rialta.


For those who either have a LeSharo with a converted engine or others who are seeking information in getting an American engine installed; lets keep in touch and exchange information.

The NoTowBagos Club New Group is restricted to NTB members only.
Membership Requirements:
[1] You must own a Rialta/ LeSharo/ or Phasar;
[2] You must first join our sponsor, the Winnebago Itasca Travelers club [WIT]
[3] You must mail us an application printed from the pre-member site and $15 for the first year. Dues are $10 per year thereafter, July through June.


This Open Posting Forum area is for Winnebago Owners to ask questions, give responses, share experiences,
please respect the community and each other.
This board is brought to you courtesy of RV VideoMagazine.


The Motorhome List is a UK based mailing list for motorcaravan owners to discuss any topic relating to the ownership, use and enjoyment of motorcaravans, motorhomes or camper vans.

Links to other websites relating to LeSharo/Winnebago;

LeSharo converters Sworks

Winnebago Industries Website

LeSharo history (French Revolution)

LeSharo parts (Mobility RV)


pdf List of LeSharo Repair Centers (USA)

Local copy of above file
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