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This is the cabinet behind the drivers seat It holds my tools and spare parts. The top slide out gives me more counter space. There is an electrical outlet on the drivers side of the cabinet. All shelves are full extension shelves.
23 KB   11/27/1999      

These are the file cabinets I added across the back of my Le Sharo to hold the files I need to do my races.
22 KB   11/27/1999      

This is the cabinet I built to hold the TV and toaster oven. It sits behind the kitchen stove and sink. The toaster oven is pulled all the way out while TV is just part the way out. The TV has a swivel under it so it can be turned so that I can watch it from the passenger seat---my lounge chair. Still in the cabinet I can watch it from my bed.
25 KB   11/27/1999      

This Cabinet holds my freezer and is the pantry. There is a shelf on the side facing the passenger seat that is the desk that my laptop computer sit on when I am on the road.
22 KB   11/27/1999      

I took out the seats that convert to a bed and installed a permement bed. Here ia a view of the bed folded back for access for winter application of antifreeze.
19 KB   11/27/1999