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Le Sharo Trailer Hitch

As the Lesharo bumper and mounting is so weak, I wanted the hitch to beef up my bumping abilities with one serious hitch / bumper combo.

I had already cut slots in the bumper shell to allow for the square tubing.

We used very strong 1/4" steel tubing. It slid into the body frame about 13".

My welder was concerned about the extension being a bit longer than the inserted length and the very weak body frame we were to attach it to. We decided to make the whole thing out of heavy walled 1/4" tube. We thought we'd also have to make up angled braces going to the tie down ears, but that was not necessary at all.

He always overbuilds things, but than I never have to worry if it will hold up or not.

It was welded on 3 sides to the body frame and he drilled a large hole underneath the body tubing and welded the hitch tube through that hole as well. He cautioned me not to tow a car, but as this vehicle barely moves itself around and just barely adequate brakes, that is hardly a possibility. Tugging and jumping on the new bumper / hitch, it did not deflect it at all. Very solid.

Total weight of the hitch / bumper about 80 lbs.

It was primarily designed for the worst tongue weight I'd ever put on it. Which was a power scooter ramp/rack which weighs about 40 lbs, plus the scooter itself 130 lbs. Plus the body of the person driving it up there. Similar rack here; (though I did not pay that much, only $160 for a cheaper design also on ebay)

I need to go back and have him drill another hole to line up with a standard hitch ball unit. He rigged it up for that long tongued wheelchair unit. The hole he drilled was mistakenly put in too close to the body for this rack to be able to tilt up vertical.

The steel was about $40 and I paid the fabricator $135. I primed and painted it with gloss black Rustolium. While painting, I painted some of the body frame and bolts to ward off any rust. I had already thoroughly cleaned the underbelly. I may continue to paint the whole vehicle frame and any steel I can find under there.

Anyway, my goal was achieved. I was able to pick up Mom in Massachusetts and tote her on a weekends long trip to Connecticut last week. Now that I can, we'll do more and longer distances soon.

I see that I really should move the license plate higher (above the bumper), but may wait until instructed by officials to do so.

I want one more modification back there. A steel roller attachment to help me roll over curbs and steep driveways. It will have to be a unit mounted lower than a stock roller unit, as the lowest item is actually my spare tire that needs a bit of protection. I have noticed the spare tire rub a couple times when I've gone at it straight on. Driving off at an angle, no rubbing. See a similar item here

Note - the Lesharo is 2 inches higher with the Roadmaster Suspension system installed and rides much better. No more banging of the body to the axle, or road dance with the ruts. I am now a dealer for the custom Roadmaster unit for the Lesharo (the whole line now actually). It took some reworking with the engineers to get it right for our Lesharo's. For whoever wants, I'll give you a good price for a direct ship from the factory. A boon to have their home office just 5 miles from my home. See the basic design here. http://www.activesuspension.com/ Very easy install. I am hoping to assist with a design of a front strut add-on to improve the ride up front too. Currently only made for a Ford Crown Victoria.

Tom K
Charlotte, NC
1988 Lesharo

This is all the photos I have of the bumper / hitch process, plus the diagram I handed my welder.
I expected him to modify the design, but what I worked out was just right.