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Here's some photos of Leons LeSharo with details of the Shifter lever, the custom digital instrument panel and the battery relay/circuit breaker panel.
Further down the page is a couple of earlier photos of the interior curtain and some shots of the fabricated engine mounts etc.

The instrument panel has the usual indicators plus a bar graph for the speed and RPM. You don't have lights for: Check Engine, hand brake, alternator fail, brake pad alarm or low brake fluid. The oil pressure indicator flashes below 10 PSI.

The battery relay panel shows how I swapped the wires after swapping the locations of the coach and engine batterys. Actually all you do is swap the wires from one side of the relay to the other.

It also shows a diode from the coach buss to the engine buss (cathode toward the engine buss) which charges the engine battery while on shore power. The only thing that doesn't function as the original hook up is the battery relay is now powered by the engine battery. This means that if the engine battery is too low you can't start the engine using the coach battery. I considered this a viable tradeoff since the heavier battery is easier to get to and service while the engine battery seldom needs changing and is lighter to work with down below.

The box under the dash beside the shifter is the instrument panel control box.

Two picturesshowing the interior curtain track fitted behind the front seats.

Some pictures of the underneath and detail of the fabricated engine mounting.